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Jan 30, 2013 8:00pm EST
to president obama about this? >> i have not. >> i have great respect for the president. i believe that at some point we will all be meeting with the president on this issue because we need to coordinate with the administration. but i think -- i haven't seen it degree of partisanship overall as there is today. but we are showing some signs of bipartisanship as they did into furthering the nuclear option in the senate. this issue i think republicans are more inclined to let the process go forward and senator reid is more inclined to let us have amendments. i think that when we are down to 11% approval rating, there was a favorability thing. a call and ask if he is viewed more favorably than a member of congress. we are in kind of bad shape to say the least. i won't pursue that point any further. i have this whole planet guy ran guy ran up in the airport instead say anyone tell you you look a lot like senator john mccain? i said ian. doesn't just make you mad as hell? [laughter] so there is a desire on our part and on both sides of the aisle to work more with the president and work m
Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
talk about about president obama's big moment in your discussions and how much he was involved? >> marty and i had the opportunity to meet with the president usually every week depending on his schedule to go over issues and over the past year, i've regularly briefed the president on this issue we had open up two positions and providing even more opportunities and he was very supportive. if i occurred, he was supportive and always encouraged us to ensure everything we did at the force better and insured readiness. he is alert to the fact that the end of the day the armed forces has to be ready. >> earlier, you said it was or is traveling around -- >> that's correct. >> while, at the cia, i can tell you we are at a point where close to 50% of the people working there. so it was for me really reassuring to see young men and women were equally dedicated to the intelligence services in coming to the army have been the opportunity to see that firsthand was again something that for me was a very special experience because i thought, you know, america stands for giving young people th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2